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[24 Sep 2005|07:05pm]
What do we do?:

V01cano (v01cano is a noun) is not a typical "hackers" group. Sure, we know the programming languages. And we know all about everything we need to screw over anyone. But the most important thing to remember about v01cano is that we're on a mission. A vigilante group of those who don't feel the internet is at it's peak. Myspace is proof of this. Please. This place is disgusting.

Who are we?:

V01cano is typically composed of four+ people. Everyone probably knows who two of these three people are, simply by looking at our targets, our personalized comments, etc. It's not hard to find out, ask around. The other person is a bit harder to find. From time to time we'll have special guests. The main thing to remember is that v01cano is not a single person. V01cano is a group effort. So if all three of us, or even two of us don't like you, you're screwed. Well, actually, now that I think about it, even if one of us don't like you, you're screwed.

How do you choose who gets hacked?:

We don't like Myspace (despite two of the three of us actually having a myspace) in excess. So if you have 8325252394 friends, and we know you, you're screwed. If you post stupid, skanky mirror shots, you're screwed. Don't argue with us, or even try, because we all have vito over every situation. Sorry. Unless we really like you. Oh yeah, and there's personal reasons as well. We may take away your internet privileges simply because you've somehow personally offended us.


PS: Nobody likes you or your non-existent chin.

[21 Jul 2005|09:31am]
This journal is Friends Only.

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